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Advantage Ladino Clover


  • Great for pasture or wildlife plots
  • Remains in a vegetative state during whitetail deer antler growth
  • High crude protein content with large, succulent leaves
  • Early vigor and hardiness
  • Bred under grazing pressure
Plant type: Perennial Legume                                  Days to germination: 7 – 10
Planting dates: Feb-April or Aug-Sept                     Main usage: Hay, conservation, pasture,wildlife
Soil pH: 5.8-6.5                                                            Height at maturity: 15’’- 36’’
Planting Depth: 1/8’’ – 1/4’’                                        Length of Stand: 2-5 years
Seed Rate: 4-6 Lbs      . to an Acre                            Reproduces by: Seed & Stolons
0.5-2 Lbs. to an Acre Mix                                           Pounds per Bushel: 60