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    Bussmann BP/NON-50 Fuse, 50 A, 250 VAC, 125 VDC, 50 kA Interrupt, Melamine Body, Cartridge Fuse


    SKU: 051712111089

    Cartridge fuses are used to protect motors and branch circuits where higher amps or volt ratings are required. General-Purpose fuses have no time-delay and protect fuse panels, appliances and branch circuits.


    • Protect lighting, heating and other circuits not subject to temporary surges and where available short-circuit currents are relatively low
    • NON one-time fuses do not have any appreciable degree of time delay and thus should not be specified in circuits where large transients or motor overloads occur
    • Basic protection 250 V NON Class K5 and H general-purpose, non-current-limiting, one-time fuses

    Width: 2.250 in

    Length: 6.050 in

    Height: 2.800 in

    Weight: 0.220 lbs