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    Bussmann BP/SC-15 Time Delay Fuse, 15 A, 600 VAC, 170 VDC, 10, 100 kA Interrupt, Glass Body


    SKU: 051712617611

    High interrupting rating, current limiting. Rated at 277/480, 120/208 and 120/240 V. UL Listed 100,000 AIR, RMS symmetrical AC (Glass G). 13/32 Dia fuse. Glass tube, nickel-plated brass endcaps.


    • Overcurrent protection solution compared to circuit breakers
    • Compact branch-circuit units with high interrupt rating and current limitation
    • Size rejection by length helps prevent overfusing
    • Fuses 7 A and above have a degree of overload time delay that permits them to pass temporary overloads
    • With up to a 600 V rating, they can be used in 120/208 V, 120/240 V and 277/480 V circuits

    Width: 2.000 in

    Length: 6.000 in

    Height: 3.000 in

    Weight: 0.040 lbs