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    Bussmann BP/T-15 Plug Fuse, 15 A, 125 V, 10 kA Interrupt, Plastic Body, Low Voltage, Time Delay Fuse


    SKU: 051712102216

    Used for circuits where motors frequently turn on and off. A simple link element for short circuits and dangerous overloads plus a Series connected element which lets the harmless overload starting currents of motors pass without opening.


    • Heavy-duty time delay plug fuse
    • Use to protect critical motor circuits or motors that cycle On/Off frequently
    • An industrial or commercial-grade product with dual-element construction
    • More time delay than the medium-duty type TL fuses in order to better protect industrial motors and critical residential circuits
    • These fuses thread into fuse receptacles and box cover units
    • Industrial strength, featuring an exclusive dual-element construction
    • This spring-loaded design provides excellent short circuit and overload protection

    Width: 3.000 in

    Length: 6.500 in

    Height: 6.000 in

    Weight: 0.208 lbs