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    Bussmann FRS-R-20 Time Delay Fuse, 20 A, 600 VAC, 300 VDC, 20, 200 kA Interrupt, Fiberglass Body


    SKU: 051712508322

    These cartridge fuses are 23% more energy-efficient and offer the ideal time delay performance. Their dual-element feature allows closer sizing to load for excellent protection of motors and transformers. These class RK5 fuses with a 200 kA interrupting rating can be used in a broad range of applications. When sized correctly, they help protect motors from burnout caused by overloads or single phasing. The time delay feature allows the initial startup current surge for typical motors to pass, but opens prior to motor burnout when longer, dangerous overloads are present. In addition, the dual-element design opens in as little as 0.004 secs if the fuse experiences short circuit conditions. All fuses are UL listed Class R (IR: 200 kA).


    • Dual-element feature provides the ideal time delay performance, allowing closer sizing and excellent protection of motors and transformers
    • Closer sizing allows for smaller fuses and less costly switches
    • Provides motor overload, ground fault and short circuit protection
    • Helps protect motors against burnout from overloads and 1-phase when sized properly
    • Offers a 10 secs time delay at 5 times the rated current
    • The time delay feature makes it possible to use fuse amp ratings that are much smaller than those of non-time delay fuses
    • Provides current limitation to help protect downstream components from high fault currents
    • Gives motor running backup protection to motors without extra costs
    • Dual-element fuses can be applied in circuits subject to temporary motor overloads and surge currents to provide both high-performance, short circuit and overload protection

    Width: 4.090 in

    Length: 5.060 in

    Height: 1.690 in

    Weight: 0.170 lbs