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    Cleanz 11003 Kitchen and Bath Caulk, White, 10.5 oz


    SKU: 031525110738

    Mold feeds on body oils, shower products, cooking oils and bacon grease that collect in the corners of your shower and kitchen. That's why we created Cleanz, the first ever active enzyme caulk that breaks down these oils eliminating mold food. By taking away the food, we literally strip mold of its power to grow. Plus, unlike mildewcides and repellants that wear out over time, our enzymes are permanently active for long-lasting results.
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    • Active enzymes stop mold before it has a chance to grow
    • Ultra-elastic moves with your house, won't crack
    • Great adhesion won't pull away from bathtub (or any other surface), maintains watertight seal
    • Resilient surface withstands scrubbing and chemical cleaners
    • Smooth application, quick water cleanup and no offensive smells
    • Environmentally friendly