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    Danco Disposal Genie 10051 Disposal Genie, Plastic, Black, For Standard Garbage Disposal Openings


    SKU: 037155015276

    Protect yourself and your garbage disposal against costly damages with the Danco Disposal Genieâ„¢. The Disposal Genieâ„¢ is not a stopper. On the contrary, it sits in the disposer and allows small particles of food and water to flow freely into the disposal while preventing silverware and other items from slipping into the drain. The disposal can run freely with the genie in place. Use the handy rubber scraper to push food off the plates and down into the drain, keeping your hands away from the running disposal. The universal design fits all standard disposal openings.


    • Constructed of tough, durable dishwasher-safe plastic
    • Prevents silverware and other larger items from slipping into drain
    • Water and food particles flow freely into the garbage disposal
    • Silicon scraper can be used to clean dishes and push particles into disposal
    • Disposal can run freely with Genie in place
    • Universal design fits most standard disposal openings