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    Danco FLT231T Toilet Flapper Alternative Assembly, ABS/Ceramic, For: Flush Valve Openings


    SKU: 188670000541

    Danco Toilet Flapper Alternative Assembly, ABS/Ceramic, Suitable for: Flush Valve Openings
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    • Eliminates the guesswork in buying the right type and size of flapper
    • Fits more flush valve openings
    • An easy drop-in, ten minute installation
    • Does not require tank removal or tools
    • Designed by a fourth generation plumber
    • Stops bowls from overflowing due to clogs by simply lifting up on handle to stop water flow

    Width: 12.250 in

    Length: 9.250 in

    Height: 19.500 in

    Weight: 1.000 lbs