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    DL Goldenrod 707 Pump Oiler with Spout, 12 oz Capacity, Flexible Spout, Steel, Powder-Coated Copper Bronze


    SKU: 085077562408

    Industrial pump oilers are very durable and is constructed for hard service. Drawn steel containers have double seamed bases and the spouts are removable from top cap. These units feature zinc die-cast high pressure pump with precision ground piston exclusive with golden rod oilers.


    • Steel with double seamed or drawn steel bases
    • Plated top cap and handle assembly with removable 8 in spout
    • Die-cast high-pressure pump with precision ground piston to deliver a drop or stream of oil
    • Stays primed for instant use
    • Powder-coated copper finish with zinc-plated top cap

    Width: 8.020 in

    Length: 9.420 in

    Height: 5.700 in

    Weight: 0.630 lbs