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    Dow 341553 Foam Sealant, Orange, 24 oz Can


    SKU: 041343007899

    All of those gaps and cracks in the average home are letting heat and conditioned air leak out and unwanted air sneak in. Create greater comfort by sealing those openings with a heavy-duty, fire-blocking version of GREAT STUFF PRO™ gaps and cracks.


    • Applied with a foam-dispensing gun for greater precision and access to hard-to-reach places
    • Comes in a can that's reusable for up to 30 days, minimizing waste
    • Sprays right into gaps and cracks up to 3 in Dia
    • Fireblock sealant
    • Expands to fill the shape of the gap and crack and adheres to wood, vinyl, metal surfaces and other building materials
    • Forms a long-lasting, air-tight, water-resistant seal
    • Helps keep out moisture/condensation and allergens
    • Allows movement and shifting within a structure