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    FERNCO PQL-200 Flexible Qwik Elbow, 2 in, Mechanical Joint, PVC Body, 4.3 psi Pressure


    SKU: 018578000261

    Qwik Tee's and Ell's allow up to 90 deg connections of all common household drain, waste and vent pipes quickly and easily without using special tools or fittings. Because they're exceptionally flexible and long, they're the ideal replacement for fittings at the joint during alteration or repair. Fits cast iron, copper, steel or lead pipe. Not recommended for underground connections. Do not use in pressure applications. Adapts to other pipe sizes with qwik bushings.


    • Fits cast iron, plastic, steel, copper and lead pipe
    • Creates 90 deg connections
    • Length allows cut-out fittings
    • Reducing is possible with Qwik bushing - reducer
    • Leak-proof, rot-proof and resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet rays, fungus growth and normal sewer gases
    • Above ground use only

    Width: 11.280 in

    Length: 9.920 in

    Height: 14.650 in

    Weight: 0.610 lbs