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    GB HST-750 Heat Shrink Tubing, 3/4 to 3/8 in Dia, 4 in L, Polyolefin, Black


    SKU: 032076567507

    The Gardner Bender 3/4 in heat shrink tubing provides abrasion and moisture protection for electrical wire and cable. This tubing is constructed of flame-retardant polyolefin.


    • Tests for 7 common wiring errors plus GFI circuits
    • Built-in GFCI test button, test both standard and GFCI receptacles for proper wiring
    • Color-coded lamps and chart indicate status of circuit wiring
    • Compact size
    • Excellent product to repair appliance, extension or small electronic cords that are exposing bare wire
    • 600 V/mil dielectric strength
    • 2:1 shrink ratio means tubing shrinks to 1/2 it's ID size
    • Self-extinguishing tubing will not drip, crack or flow when heated to shrink temperatures

    Width: 9.130 in

    Length: 4.230 in

    Height: 5.630 in

    Weight: 0.050 lbs