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    GENERAL 700 Screwdriver Set, Steel, Chrome, Specifications: Round Shank


    SKU: 038728220660

    GENERAL's high-quality precision screwdriver sets are ideal for hobbyists, technicians, mechanics and DIY. Also used by jewelers, watchmakers, instrument makers, subminiature parts assemblers and model makers. The ergonomically designed handle provides greater control and comfort. Black oxide blades ensure a precise fit and prevent corrosion.


    • Includes slotted and Phillips tips
    • Chrome-plated 8650 alloy (nickel-chromium-molybdenum) steel blades to resist corrosion
    • Driver tip size shown on rotating cap
    • Color-coded ring identifies tip type
    • Eight sided non-slip cushioned grip
    • Rotating cap facets fit palm, recess fits finger tip
    • Body sized to prevent excessive torque to fastener