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    Henry HE183195 Siding, 150 ft L, 4 in W, Fiberglass, Yellow


    SKU: 081725055117

    Henry 183 yellow resin coated glass fabric is a woven fabric, 20 x 10 mesh, made of yarns of inert, flexible filaments of pure glass. It has a tensile strength of 75 lb-in, stability and durability and is acid-and heat-resistant and will not rot or decay. The special yellow resin coating on the fabric minimizes distortion and is compatible with asphalt and coal tar cements and coatings, emulsions, solvent-based and hot-melt types. Since the yellow color is conspicuous if not completely covered, it also aids quality workmanship.
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    • Woven, open-mesh fiberglass

    Width: 12.375 in

    Length: 9.500 in

    Height: 12.250 in

    Weight: 0.750 lbs