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    Honeywell CG-511 Thermostat Guard with Inner Shelf, Plastic


    SKU: 085267990028

    Medium thermostat guard provides the ideal defense in preventing others from tampering with your heating and cooling options. An elevated peace of mind is established as users will no longer have to worry about any unauthorized access that may result with adjustments or damages. Installation is near effortless and the Guard will fit on all medium sized Honeywell thermostats and a host of others. The actual casing is chemical and UV-resistant which allows users to deploy their cover all year round without the slightest concern. A steadily constructed key and lock function will perform admirably as a versatile defense. Eliminate the thought of others having access to your personal thermostat with Honeywell's highly affordable and practical solution.
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    • Clear plastic cover that resists yellowing
    • Key lock with inner shelf to prevent tampering
    • Protects unwanted changes to AC/heating preferred settings
    • Inner shelf to prevent tampering
    • Fits over existing thermostat and other models measuring 6 in W x 1-3/4 in D x 5 in H or Smaller

    Width: 11.000 in

    Length: 21.290 in

    Height: 11.530 in

    Weight: 1.420 lbs