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    PowerZone Extension Cord, 16 AWG Cable, 9 ft L, 13 A, 125 V, Brown


    SKU: 054732808342

    The 3-outlet indoor cords allow use of up to three items in one small place. This provides flexibility, while allowing multiple devices to be used without the need for several cords. This household cord is durable and flexible and is UL listed. Plugs and receptacles are polarized to help ensure that the right pin is plugged in at all times ensuring safety. The item is also equipped with a safety cover for unused outlets. The 2-1 design allows the user to use the one side while keeping the other side covered for various safety reasons.


    • Suitable for use with lamps, fans, small appliances and holiday lights
    • For indoor use
    • Polarized plug and connectors

    Width: 7.320 in

    Length: 10.520 in

    Height: 8.540 in

    Weight: 0.410 lbs