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    Quickie Bulldozer 638 Multi-Surface Push Broom, 24 in Sweep Face, Polypropylene Fiber Bristle, Steel Handle


    SKU: 071798006383

    24 in multi-surface push broom is made with rugged, specialize material designed for indoor and outdoor DIY projects. This multi-surface push broom is designed specifically with soft outer fibers and stiff inner fibers to sweep a wide range of debris. Great of use in garages, basements and on sidewalks for sand, mulch, grass clipping and drywall debris. The broom head is set in a heavy-duty resin block with diamond plate design that won't warp, rot or crack under normal usage. This broom comes with a built-in scraper, perfect for removing dried spackle or caked on debris plus our patented Tight GripĀ® bracket which prevents loose handles and improves durability This broom comes complete with clips attached to the block which can be used to store the broom unassembled. You can also easily remove the clips with pliers if desired.
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    • Multi-surface push broom sweeps sand, mulch, grass clippings and drywall debris
    • 60 in powder-coated steel handle with Tight GripĀ® bracket
    • Combination of stiff inner fibers and soft outer fibers set in 18 in heavy-duty resin block
    • Scraper built into the broom block
    • Swivel tip grip for off the floor storage

    Width: 7.380 in

    Length: 60.000 in

    Height: 7.500 in

    Weight: 3.730 lbs