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    SENCO L15BAB Wire Staple, 1/4 in W Crown, 1-1/4 in L Leg, 18 Gauge, Galvanized Steel


    SKU: 741474101540

    For assembling drawers, underlayment sheathing, molding, trim, pre-finished gypsum, vinyl and aluminum siding, general woodworking. Fits SENCO SLS25XP, SLS15, SLS18, SLS20-L, SKS-L, LN4450, Hitachi N3804AB, N3804A, Makita AT63A, Duofast KN1848A, KN1848, Porter Cable NS150A, NS150, NS100, Others Accuset A100LS, A150LS, A2N1125, Atro Minor 90/32, 90/40, BEA 90/38-150, Craftsman 18300, 18306, 18367, Fasco F25 A-90/40, Hilti SN114B, Spotnails HL3852.


    • Engineered to fit other manufacturers tools
    • More completed drives
    • Highest withdrawal values
    • Less broken collation