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    Sylvania 59075 Sealed Beam Halogen Reflector Lamp, 50 W, PAR16, GU10


    SKU: 046135176043

    Sylvania CAPSYLITE® Halogen PAR lamps offer superior light quality in a wide variety of wattages, sizes and beam spreads. Their SPL optic design delivers a smooth and round beam pattern that maximizes lumens while providing consistent lamp-to-lamp performance. Many of these PAR lamps have been newly designed with xenon fill gas, silver reflector coating and/or IR-reflective capsule coating that provides the required efficacy to meet the latest energy efficiency regulations.


    • Great beam control and sharp cutoff
    • Optical system provides consistent, uniform performance from lamp to lamp
    • Lens embossed with beam pattern for easy identification
    • A compact, high-quality halogen light source in an attractive ceramic reflector