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    TERRO T300 Ant Bait, Liquid, Sweet, 2.2 fl-oz


    SKU: 070923003006

    Ants can be a problem anywhere in the home, at work and everywhere in between. To kill common household ants, place TERRO® liquid ant baits in areas where they attract foraging ants that take the bait back to the nest. As the bait circulates through the colony, it kills the ants you see and the ones you don't. The new and improved snap-off tab makes the stations easy-to-use. Plus, the closed bait stations prevent the bait from drying out to provide the ants with a continuous supply of liquid, day and night.


    • Pre-filled bait stations
    • Kills all common household ants
    • No drips, spills or mess
    • Kills the ants you see and the ants you don't
    • Ready to use set the bait, attract ants and kill the colony
    • Stay fresh tab keeps liquid bait fresh until opened
    • Snap-off design makes it easy to open and requires no scissors