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    Wellington 14345 Rope, 1/4 in Dia, 1000 ft L, Nylon, Silver/White


    SKU: 719961501173

    High-quality cord. Strong and resistant to rot, mildew, abrasion, oil, grease, gasoline, marine growth and most chemicals. This construction is sometimes referred to as Diamond Braided and is strands of fiber tightly braided around a center core of parallel fibers forming a herringbone pattern in rope. Nylon's elasticity can absorb sudden shock loads that would break ropes of other fibers. Not spliceable. Natural silvery white color.
    (Price per Foot)


    • The first synthetic fiber rope manufactured
    • It has very good resistance to abrasion and will last four to five times longer than natural fiber ropes

    Width: 10.980 in

    Length: 11.070 in

    Height: 10.930 in

    Weight: 12.800 lbs